Sunday, 4 December 2011

Have you met your body double?

In the midst of the busy busy life I have just jumped into, I absolutely have to share this!

I have recently gone into a new business venture  which requires me liaising with businesses in a different time zone so I find myself having to keep awake in the wee hours of the morning. In the middle of one of these nocturnal virtual  business days, I decided to "keep busy" on facebook (lol). I went straight to one of my favourite pages (Black Girl With Long Hair) to feed my new addiction - Natural hair. There I was, looking through pictures of my co travellers on the natural hair journey (mind you, I have never posted a picture on this page) and lo and behold, I come face to face with a picture of two women, one of which I was sure was ME! You cannot imagine how stunned I was. I stared at this picture for the longest time and finally asked the person sitting next to me to take a look. His reaction was same as mine. I could not believe my eyes. I decided then to save the picture to my computer so as to keep it for records.

The next day, I went back to the picture and needless to say my amazement had not reduced. I then decided to ask a family member. I sent the picture to my sister without any explanation. All I said was "what to you think?" Here is the conversation that followed.

Sis:  Lol is that all your hair? It's loads!! And your friend is natural too?" 
Me: You wont believe! I saw that picture on facebook. It's not me at all.
Sis: Huh? It's not you? It's you kissing her (I guess trying to identify the one in the picture who she was SO sure was me)
Me: I swear! my eyes almost popped out when I saw it. The resemblance is too much! Incredible.
Sis: Hmmmmm.........that's incredible. But you have a blue dress like that.
Me: That's why I had to show you. I couldn't believe it.
Sis: Wow!

I'm guessing she still doesn't believe it. What do you all think? I am considering tracking this Lady down. Good idea?