Sunday, 31 March 2013

Eva Alordia "this & that"

Okay I don't even know who this chic is but I stumbled upon this clip this morning and it cracked me up. I hope you enjoy it too...

Watch "Eva goes Beserk on NEPA - Makeup This and That gone wrong" on YouTube

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hair Update

So I seem to have ignored my own advice of not putting pressure on your edges.

I thought it would be a great idea to braid my hair because of the unbearable heat that we have been enduring in Lagos lately so when I saw my friend's absolutly fabulous braids, I thought yeah, I have to do same. I thought I knew the drill - I usually do. I asked the braider to leave my hairline well alone and I thought she did. It took eight hours and the result was reaaaaally nice. Practically everyone commented. Unfortunately, as the days went by, I noticed that my baby hair was being pulled off! (horror!!) I tried to take down those on the first line but with every one I took down, I noticed my hair coming off with the attachment :( I tried my very best to manage it but the braids were so tiny that even beyond the hairline, there were issues. So after one week of haven endured the eight hour process of installing, I had to sit my ass down and take it all down. All by myself! My hair did take a beating but I at least have learnt a valuable lesson. My hair will NEVER be ready for tiny braids.

I'm not certain I have a picture because I was too busy taking them down one after the other, but if I do find a picture, I will be sure to update. One of the damage caused as well. Bottom line is, know your hair!

Customer Service The Arik Way

Hello sweethearts, it has been quite a while since I last wrote. For those of you who enjoy reading this blog, I sincerely apologise. Sometimes life just takes over but I'm back now...yay!! Lol.
It took Arik Air annoying me to breaking point to bring me straight back but hey I'm here that's the important thing.

So I was on the 1pm Arik flight from Abuja to Lagos today (being exactly a week ago...sorry). Haven missed my flight yesterday, I decided to go early to the airport. I got to Abuja airport at about 11am. There was a flight scheduled for 11am, another one for noon and then mine at 1pm. Seeing as I was so early, I asked if it was at all possible to change my flight for the one at noon. I was assured that there were no seats left on that flight and so I was checked in for my 1pm flight. At check in, I was informed that I would be required to identify my luggage at the foot of the plane before boarding. I thanked the guy and went on to the lounge for the two hour wait for the flight. So far, no problems at all.