Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hair update

Its already been over a year since I did the big chop! (one year and three months) It feels like yesterday.

This morning, a friend sent me the picture below from the early days on my hair journey; I had to LOL!!

 I must say its been very exciting. My friends and family have had nothing but compliments for me (lucky me lol) The one thing that surprises me though is the fact that everyone just takes it for granted that this is a passing phase. They keep saying to me "oh your hair has really grown. It will be so long when you relax it." I initially used to protest and try to explain to them that it is a decision I have taken for the long run but they never listen so these days I just smile.

Like me, everyone is amazed at how quickly my hair has grown, and they keep asking me for my regimen. I tell them the truth, but I suspect that they do not believe me so I'm going to say it here lol.
  1. I often wear protective styles e.g braids, twists, and crocheted in extensions. When I do, I keep them in for a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of six.
  2. I do not allow pressure on my edges. When I have my hair braided or twisted in the salon, I am very particular (infact I bet I can be described as a pain! lol)
  3. I keep my hair moisturized ALL the time with good old oil (be it olive, castor or shea butter)
  4. When my hair isn't in a protective style, I wash and condition it at least once a week. Sometimes twice, it depends on how physically active the week went.
  5. I always use a leave in conditioner
  6. I hardly ever use heat on my hair. I generally let it air dry. 
  7. I have never really done a deep condition (believe!) so I cant comment on that.
  8. I always put my hair in two strand twists (to put it away) and wear a satin scarf (silk is said to be better but I aint got one lol) over it at bedtime
So there you have it; my hair regimen!

Here are some of my protective styles

 Here are some pictures of my journey so far

And here is my sister. My number one hair inspiration!

So there you have it guys, I hope this has been enjoyable. Please feel free to comment.