Friday, 24 January 2014

Perfect Wash and Go

Wow am I excited! After 3 years of making do, I finally achieved the perfect wash and go and discovered the secret. Like I always say, "know your hair". I have just discovered that my hair really doesn't like lots of product especially creamy stuff. I cringe at the amount of money I have spent on all kinds of product especially creamy stuff because I had this notion that they must be more nourishing hmmm....

Anyway, my usual routine for a wash and go if I was using gel was, wash and condition or co wash, apply a leave in, apply some oil and then finger comb the gel through. The result would always be that I would be left with whitish residue which would later begin to flake off causing people to point out particles on my shirt. For 3 years I was tempted to accept this as normal but my love for perfection (or as close to it as possible) prevented my acceptance of the unsatisfactory results. So today while trying to do my wash and go, I noticed again the offending white things in my hair. This time I decided to find a solution. I had already applied the leave in and oil so I washed my hair again and instead used a liquid leave in and applied olive oil. Again I got a similar result. I washed my hair a third time and this time I applied absolutely nothing. I went straight to finger comb the gel through and voila! I then remembered that I had achieved a similar result once when I was in a hurry and forgot to apply the creamy leave in and oil. I feared then that my hair would dry out and probably break a bit so I applied a bit of oil at the end of the process when the hair had dried considerably and I was sure that I won't be messing up my style. In that instance, it turned out just fine so I will be doing the same thing today. 

 It is considerably dry now but I will wait a bit longer before I apply my oil and move it around a bit for a tidier finish. I hope this has helped someone.


  1. i love this! I will def call you when I am doing my wash n go soon :)