Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Some say we all have a friend we secretly hate.....

In this era of social media and its attendant abbreviations and acronyms, this sort of friend is what is referred to as a " Frenemy"

These  friends are only interested in the negative around  you. Where there is no negativity, they are happy to create. They light up only when you are unhappy. They come around you as much as they possibly can and yet, they do not wish you well; often time they cant even stand you. To your face, they proclaim love and support for you  and yet behind your back, they wish you pain and suffering.When something goes wrong in your life, they celebrate. When something goes wrong in their life, they blame you! They are never interested in sharing happy times. They try to manipulate you at every opportunity. And then there are the ones who only want to take, take, take and take some more. They take but do not appreciate.They may even ridicule you in your kindness.

This is not the same thing as having a friend gossip behind your back, no. This individual does not like you!

I cannot help but wonder if all of this drama is even worth the energy that is invariably put into it. I mean if you do not like somebody why would you want to expend so much energy and time on the same person? If  nothing else, I see it as a form of cowardice. I personally, am one who would rather speak my mind. I say it as it is! Regardless of how pleasant or otherwise ( I just can't help it. Lol)

Some people might rush to assume that this problem is peculiar to women. Believe me when I tell you, nothing can be farther from the truth.

I read somewhere that someone who hates you normally does for one of three reasons. They either see you as a threat, they hate themselves or they want to be you and I am in fact inclined to believe this.