Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Just do it!

So I'm generally quite lazy when it comes to fitness. I so want to be fit and lead an active life but....yeah, there's always a reason not to. Now age is creeping up on me and I realize that now is probably a good time to get off my backside and engage in some fitness routine. My dear sister got me a pair of trainers last summer ~ needless to say they are still brand new LOL~ so I reckon it's time to dig them out and get them dirty!

I started today by taking a brisk walk to the post office....yay!!!

Wish me luck!!

Monday, 14 March 2011


How much are you willing to endure for this title?
Some women I know endure humiliation, abuse ~ physical as well as mental, torture, you name it! Just to get the man to marry them and when he does, guess what changes; NOTHING!
A friend of mine once came to me complaining endlessly about her husband and the short comings of their relationship ~ financial and otherwise. She painted a terribly sad picture of her relationship so much so that I was forced to ask "well, why did you marry him?" Her answer ~ as honest as it was, it absolutely shocked me. She simply said to me "I was desperate!" Now I cant claim to have all the answers but in my opinion, desperation has never and would never be a good reason to enter into any sort of contract.

Now lets flip the coin. From the man's perspective, while you were dating, you bent over backwards to accommodate him, you accepted everything he threw at you, you were cool with his bad behavior ~that's possibly why he thought it might not be a bad idea to marry you ~ and then as soon as the deed is done, you want him to become something entirely different simply because he took you on a walk down the isle; isn't that just a bit unreasonable? Women generally do this because they believe strangely that he will change. At this point the guy is totally confused thinking 'oh my God she has changed!' LOL!!!

A lot of these women sadly are married in name only. Some of said marriages are in fact conducted more shabbily than room mate arrangements; which prompts me to ask 'is it always worth it?'  Agreed people get married for many different reasons but if one does not achieve happiness in the union what is the point? (I'm assuming that happiness is paramount in the life of every living being) Yes I know some very happy married couples but even a larger number of terribly unhappy ones. Some go further to say that life with any man is bound to be miserable anyway so why not take the most financially rewarding offer...
Maybe if we were all a bit honest with our own selves, it just might make it a little easier. A good starting point will be knowing what you are getting, and then realizing that it is what it is, then accepting what you got, and lastly make the best of it and live with it.

On the other hand, I come across people who are happily single (ironic eh?) and yet the married ones will go to extreme lengths to impress upon them several reasons why they need to get hitched ~ is that because misery loves company?