Friday, 13 May 2011

Passenger Etiquette

Thursday 5th of May; I am on a flight from Lagos to Dubai.

I had picked my seat before hand and found it quite easily.17C an aisle seat right behind the mother and child row.  I quickly settle in as much as I can. The other two people on my row were already seated and boy were they noisy! Anyway, the door finally closes and I notice that the row in front of  me only has one person in the window seat so I grab the opportunity and change my seat -  Relief! To my surprise though, the girl who was sat beside me - now behind me - taps me rather roughly and says to me 'are you sitting there?' to which I answered 'yes'. She seemed really pleased to hear it as I over heard her saying that she will recline her chair and sleeeeeeep. She promptly moved into the seat I had just vacated therefore placing herself right behind me.

After meal time, she reclined her chair to sleep; I did the same. I fell asleep quite easily; She however woke up a while later and again