Monday, 18 June 2012

When is enough really enough?

So there was a plane crash in Lagos - Dana Airline - which killed all 153 people on board and at least 10 people on ground. We were naturally all shocked beyond description. Shock turned into depression and anger for some and I believe I can say almost certainly that it saddened practically every Nigerian.

It has been two weeks since. There have been religious services held in honour of the departed, there have been TV programmes, there have been articles in the papers and on the internet etc. what?

Slowly, things seem to be creeping back to business as usual. We are going back to our normal routine and in no time, something new will happen to completely take our attention and we move on with this incidence only a distant memory....until the next disaster happens to jolt our memory.

Church attacks have become routine; so much so that there is little or no reaction when the news breaks. When would we as a people have had enough and rather than having knee jerk reactions actually do something to stop the menace that has now become life as we know it?

We live in a society where we have to provide for ourselves security, power, water, name it. A society where people die because doctors are on strike, where someone is attacked by armed robbers and cannot access medical attention because doctors first want to see police report. Where you are trapped in your house by armed robbers and even if you manage to put a call through to the police, they ask you to come and pick them up because they are unable to fuel their vehicles. And yet our lawmakers and other custodians of our common wealth continuously rob us blind. We hear of billions and trillions of naira being misappropriated to the extent that it all seems so incredible.

I was personally heartbroken at the unceremonious collapse of the 'occupy Nigeria' - protest against fuel subsidy removal and bad government at the beginning of this year. I had hoped that it would have been a turning point in the governance of our beloved country but alas...

The sooner we realise that we have to take our destiny in our own hands, shape our future and be willing to pro actively take action to ensure we actualise our dreams, the sooner we will begin to record progress. We have to appreciate that sacrifices have to be made for success to be achieved.

I have since decided to play my own part by doing the little I can not to feed or encourage the monster of corruption in Nigeria. Little things like not giving/offering bribes, obeying the law, paying my bills as and when due, rejecting mediocrity, questioning and speaking up against poor service etc. This may seem small in comparison to the rot in the system but if even 60% of us did this we would without doubt have a much better society.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


May 27th is special because it's my sister's birthday.

Esohe my first sister. The one I asked for. I have loved you from before you were born. That was because I desperately wanted a sister to play with; but I have loved you even more since you came into my life because you are the kindest, most loving, caring, giving and positive person I know. You radiate love in all you do. You are such a strong person that I often wonder how you do it. You never allow yourself to stay down. No matter what the world throws at you, you just pick yourself up and keep trudging on. You inspire me in so many ways and I just want you to know that I feel very fortunate that I have you in my life.

I remember our childhood years when we were in such a hurry to grow up! All the fun, laughter, tears and sometimes mischief (lol) Suddenly we are all grown up and living our separate lives, chasing our separate dreams. It now seems like such a distant memory when we would certainly go to bed in the same house and sometimes even in the same room! I remember when we would watch a scary movie and you would beg me to allow you sleep in my room and even though I would have been scared too, I would sometimes be difficult just to make it seem as though I was the tougher one hehehehe... I wish we could go back there even if just for a weekend. I really miss those days.

I want you to know darling that I love you now, and I will love you till the end of time. 

May your new year be filled with blessings more than you can possibly imagine and ALL that your heart truly desires. You deserve it and more xx

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Precious Moments

Abuja: June 3rd 2012

I was with a dear friend for about an hour from noon. He had unknowingly or unintentionally annoyed me previously and so when I saw him today I was a bit cold towards him.
He had come to Abuja yesterday to attend a party along with quite a few of his friends. I met up with him just as he was trying to book a flight back to Lagos. He had tried a couple of airlines without luck - including my preferred one 'Dana Air' the flights were all full. The only available flight seemed to be the late evening Dana but that didn't seem suitable because his friend had to be at a function in Lagos at 4pm. The most ideal one would have been the afternoon Dana flight. Even though I know someone who may have been able to get them on the Dana afternoon flight, I just didn't bother making any attempt to help because I was in a bad mood. I sat there with them for a little while and left. Just as I was about to get into the car, my friend asked me what the matter was and I replied saying 'we would talk later'.

I got home and went straight to bed as I was not feeling very well. Only to be woken a couple of hours later, with the news that there had been a plane crash in Lagos - Dana Air from Abuja. Oh my God! My heart sank! I immediately called my friend and confirmed that he was fine but he apparently had two friends on the flight (May their souls rest in peace)

As the evening unfolded and I received calls from friends and family checking for my safety and as I also called friends and family, I began to reflect on what is really important. I thought about the reason for my annoyance at my friend and I realized that it truly did not matter in the least. I wondered how I would have felt had he been on that flight and I had wasted the last minutes I had with him bearing a grudge.

This incidence today has once again impressed upon me the need to focus on what truly matters and to try my best not to waste precious moments.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of all who lost their lives in the plane crash and the bomb blast today. May you all have the strength and wherewithal to bear this terrible loss.