Monday, 19 February 2018

Long distance relationships

I started writing this post a few years ago, but never completed or published it. Now I find myself in the very position I had wondered about and it seems truly ironic.

I have always wondered how long distance relationships survive. I mean I consider North-South London or Lagos Mainland - Island long distance let alone when it is people living on opposite sides of the globe with a considerable time difference.

So first of all, there is the absence of physical contact, and on top of that, there may be a time difference. So, for a considerable length of the time, one party ought to be asleep, the other one is up and about leading naturally to one of many things.

  •  The couple has even less contact. Or 
  •  The sleep time of one party is sacrificed; which brings me to the all-important question. "Whose sleep should it be that is sacrificed?"
  • Suspicion

The paranoia sets in. One or both parties become suspicious. Otherwise, little things get blown out of proportion. One party seems unreasonable to the other, and vice Versa. The couple generally becomes overly sensitive, and maybe even drift apart. Does it ever work out? How does it work?

~ Missy

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